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Explain What A Geiger Counter Is And How It Works Quarta RAD

What Does A Geiger Counter Do And How Does It Work Quarta RAD

If you’re making a living selling items to people with an affinity for being in the great outdoors then you’ll know how cool the various GPS devices and electronic tools are, especially when it comes to making lots of money.

These devices can be solid profit makers and might even draw a wider range of people to your online store than you had before.

The device that is likely to create the most interest is the GPS data logger.So what is a GPS data logger?This is a gadget that uses its built in memory ( which is usually an in-built flash chip or a Mini SD card / TF card ) to records its position at click for more geiger counter Quarta RAD frequent intervals. That data is retrieved once the person using the gadget plugs it into their computer at home.Data is stored using formats including GPX, KML, and NMEA and used in is internet-based services including YouTube, Flickr and Google Maps.So when sourcing GPS data loggers what type of things should you be on the lookout for?When trying to source GPS data loggers it’s really important to have a look at a range of things including battery life, chipset, precision, channels and memory.Battery life goes without saying as it is something you are going to need to stay on for a long time without switching off. This is lessened a little by the indisputable fact that GPS information loggers traditionally have no, or tiny screens, meaning energy consumption is quite low.The average device with an in-built battery should have a battery charge lifespan that can be measured in days and weeks instead of hours while even devices charged by Lithium-ion and Ni-Cad batteries should last a day or even more before requiring new batteries.The GPS chipset is basically the brain of the device so helping it collect geographical info from numerous locations.The SiRF Atlas III is regarded as the bog standard in this situation but chipsets like the Skytraq Venus six are far more than adequate to deal with the job.The GPS info logger accuracy is measured by a number of factors ; horizontal position, wide area enhancement, time and speed.The smaller the distance and shorter the time suggests that devices are more accurate.Channels tell you how many satellites a logger can get information from at one time. More than 3 or four is necessary to get a good location fix but , as there are only 24 GPS capable satellites orbiting the earth and only half those can be ‘seen ‘ by a device at one time any more than twenty-four is OTT.Memory is a very important thing to take into consideration, as you may be on the road for a very long time with some trips but again each ‘log ‘ does not take up much memory. Actually 100,000 logs will often take up a ton less than 500MB of space.

So, what about the wholesale price and retail price for these devices?

The wholeslaeIf the device has multiple functions and comes with a screen and assorted mounts you could expect to pay between US$50 and US$70 depending on the functions and features.

When selling it again expect to charge between 70 and 140 USD.

Devices that add GPS tracking functionality to other items often go for between 10 and 30 dollars.

  • Radiation Detection Equipment
  • Radiation Scanner
  • Geiger Counter For Sale
  • Radiation Geiger Counters
  • Radiation Tester

Expect to charge between 30 and 50 for the device when selling it online.

So what about the listing exactly what should you put down in order to guarantee many sales?

Writing an outline that makes woodsmen and trampers drool is not as hard as you believe.

Here are the numerous things that you’ll need to make certain you have got right:

The GPS data logger title

The footage of the GPS data logger

The outline for the GPS data logger

The specifications for the GPS data logger

Creating A Brilliant GPS Data Logger Title

If you want to get lots of people to your listing to get the most sales (or conversions) you’re going to need to have the right title.

Titles that get a many visitors who can easily become customers have the following things in common:

– Very relevant keywords that a buyer is likely to type into a search engine.


– A focus on the two most enticing elements of the product.

– The use of language that will grab the reader by the heart ( Words like secret and strong are excellent examples of this )

Finding the most logical keywords is as easy as using free tools like Google adwords external keyword tool.

However , what features you market and the language you use is really down to you and how much in touch you are with you base of customers.

A fine example of a GPS data logger title would be something like : GPS Receiver + Data Logger + Photo Tagger + Distance Monitor

There are essentiallly two types of picture, the main picture and the support pictures.

A good main picture should tell the potential consumer exactly what they are getting and precisely what it’s capable of.

While this is hard for GPS data loggers which may have very different functions but it can be done with things including buttons and icons, alternate perspectives inlaid in the image and size dimensions.

Other pictures that you should include are graphs of the device’s capacities, any accessories the device includes, any other angles that will add to the experience of the item and screenshots of any software it uses.

When it comes to writing about the gadget you will have to be very convincing.

The 1st part is where you explain to the reader how this GPS logger improves their life and how they can’t presumably exist without it.

The first paragraph of the first part is critical because that is what will likely turn up in Google under the title. Keep it short, keep it to the point, keep it punchy and get the main keyword that you wish to target once or more.

By taking these steps you will be bringing in more cash than you can handle and keeping clients delighted and prepared to come back.

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