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Energy Management Services

Logic Utilities, part of the Pure Logic Group of companies, was one of the first specialists  to offer complete utility solutions and energy management services in Dubai . We assist developers and owners associations that have been unable to acquire direct billing services from their central cooling service supplier by providing them with a unique metering, maintenance, billing and collections package to manage energy. We guarantee a professional BTU metering installation undertaken by knowledgeable, experienced technicians.

Our collection rates are the highest amongst our competitors, who typically only sell and install the meters and generate a bill. The most challenging part of this process is the collections period. Our team is experienced in managing customers and obtaining payment. We offer a dedicated free-phone number for our customers – 800 LOGIC. In summary, we are the most experienced provider of energy management services in the region ( Dubai ) and the only company to offer an ‘Online Portal’ for customers.


We provide certified in-house technicians performing initial installation and ongoing maintenance. We can offer a solution for properties that are centrally cooled or supplied or have stand-alone chillers.

Our technical team can assess your property and develop a design for retro-fitting BTU meters to allow accurate recording of energy consumption. Installation can be either a hard wired or wireless system, and we have the expertise to install systems for water and cooling systems for proper energy  management. All installations are overseen and coordinated by a Project Manager.

Our team has experience with working in properties that are fully occupied. Logic Utilities has a strategic partnership with leading meter suppliers offering the latest technology and European quality to conserve energy.


Logic Utilities has an advanced system for commissioning existing systems within buildings for energy management services in Dubai . In many instances properties have the infrastructure in place but lack the software or commissioning process. Our technical team can quickly take the system to operational status and install software to allow readings to be taken. This service is cost effective and simple to implement.


All installations need regular maintenance to ensure the accuracy of the readings. Our team has developed a preventative maintenance strategy that is complemented with a reactive service should a fault be found on the system. Our billing team keeps a close eye on the energy and/or water consumption of your property, manually analyzing daily data for any possible anomalies. Any potential problems, such as malfunctioning thermostats and stuck zone valves, are immediately passed on to our technical department for attention. Technicians from our engineering team will respond to faulty meter alerts, undertake repairs as required and keep the software fully updated between billing cycles.


We are the number one provider of this service in the region today and have years of experience in developing the process and implementing billing and collection cycles. Logic Utilities has invested in state of the art software for bill generation and collection. Our payment portal allows residents to download bills and check their account from the comfort of their own home or anywhere in the world over the internet. Our most unique feature is the payment gateways we offer including online payments via credit card, and a cash collection service (“At Your Door”).

We offer an Account Manager for your portfolio; you have a one-stop source for any of your utility management needs. The account manager oversees your property and ensures that you are getting the service you deserve from every aspect of the business. This makes the flow of information through the billing process much more efficient.

Bills can be customized and are automatically generated: they can be made available to residents by e-mail or via our direct utilities portal for payment online by credit card. Our software generates an accurate monthly report showing consumption and collection figures. Our team regularly collects over 90% of billed amounts in a 30 days cycle.

Our automated SMS bill payment reminder software is another reason why Logic Utilities dominates the billing and collection services sector.

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