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Specialist Service – Fit Out Management

Fit-out Management And Tenancy Coordination Services

Pure Logic Group has developed a code of compliance and set of guidelines for master developers and community managers. We ensure that all new tenancy fit-outs comply with the landlord’s requirements as well as local authority regulations. The Retail Tenancy Fit-Out Guide endeavours to assist tenants to create and deliver a successful fit-out of their tenancy as well as familiarise them with the physical parameters of the property. The guide provides a comprehensive set of directions and procedures aimed at achieving a mutually acceptable fit-out result.

In addition to setting the fit-out standards, the Pure Logic team actively manages the entire process on behalf of the property owner or manager.

Consultation Stage

Before any new fit-out project commences, Pure Logic will review, revise and issue some key documentation that will form the basis of the management process. The key documentation is listed below.

Fit-Out Agreement – This document will form the basis of the agreement between the landlord and the end user (tenant or owner) and the nominated fit-out contractor. It will establish key principals such as the fit-out period, fees to be paid, damage deposit amount and penalties.

Fit-Out Manual – The Fit-Out Manual will detail the exact rules and regulations, processes and procedures for each property. Pure Logic can create this on behalf of the client or develop existing documentation to make it compliant with current authority standards.

Fit-Out Process – Pure Logic will review the existing process and make suggestions on revisions that will improve the efficiency of the fit-out process.


Attend the initial kick off meeting – our obligation is to attend the meeting and discuss the fit-out process with the end user and their fit-out representative.

Issuing of the building specific Fit-Out Guideline Manual – the manual will set out all rules and processes relating to working within the property, including guidelines for hours of working and approval forms for demolition, sprinkler shutdowns and all activities that impact on the day-to-day use of the property. The guideline manual is the key to establishing the correct protocols and will reflect the best interest of the owners and their assets.

Our team will prepare a fit-out CD containing base build information, drawings and load schedules to assist the owners and fit-out contractors in developing their project drawings and specifications for submission to our technical team.


Our qualified team of architectural technicians and mechanical and electrical engineers will review the fit-out contractor’s drawings to ensure compliance with development guidelines for each property.

We also check the following documents:

  • Validity of contractors trade license and insurances
  • Tenancy or title deed document
  • Owners NOC letter for works to be undertaken
  • Programme of works
  • Project Plan (prepared by the contractor)
  • Where possible, electrical loads will checked for compliance
  • Fire detection services will be reviewed
  • If the works are deemed to be significant enough for authority approval, Pure Logic will request copies of local authority approvals from the contractor
  • Collect damage deposits and fees


In conjunction with building management and security, our team will coordinate all work activities that may impact other occupants.

Our team will undertake a dilapidation review of common areas prior to work commencing, undertake regular site visits, and offer a fast response team to resolve any issue that may arise:

  • Our team will ensure compliance with the guidelines
  • We will ensure that work areas are adequately screened and protected
  • Monitor the delivery schedule
  • Coordinate between base build FM providers and the fit-out contractor
  • Ensure the developers’ warranties are maintained
  • Obtain completion/handover file from the fit-out contractor with key information
  • Assist the fit-out contractor in obtaining the completion certificates
  • Agree move-in dates and coordinate with building management and security


Once all works are deemed to be complete, including the installation of the electrical meter if applicable, our team will undertake a final inspection.

If all works are completed as per the original specification and the test certificates for fire services are available, along with the authority approvals, our team will issue a completion certificate and arrange for the damage deposit to be returned (subject to damage inspection of the common area).

All records of the handover, as-built drawings and photos and test certificates will be maintained by Pure Logic on our server under ‘completed projects’.

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